Land and Agrarian Studies Research Unit

In the global south, land has been recognised as a key resource which is pivotal for livelihoods especially among rural communities who are traditionally marginalised from socio-economic and political processes and are usually insecure and vulnerable. Examples from the global south posit that access to land and opportunities to participate in agricultural production activities by the rural and urban poor allow  them to ‘accumulate from below’ and it contributes immensely to GDP, promotes food security, sovereignty and nutrition; advances pro-poor economic growth; while it allows for enhanced income, increases opportunities for value addition and the development of agrobusiness value chains, it builds resilience and contributes to sustainable development. Despite these positive benefits, the area of land and agrarian issues remains highly contested and is subject to much polemical and antagonistic debates ranging from access to production dynamics.

AfriFuture acknowledges the important contribution of land and agrarian studies to human-centred social development. It thus has this Land and Agrarian Studies Research Unit, which is dedicated to the study of land, agrarian and its associated issues. The unit undertakes and supports research and contributes to policymaking and the capacity development of institutions, policymakers, academics and activists who are interested in agrarian studies. Its overall goal is to positively contribute to poverty eradication, enhanced livelihoods and community transformation.