Board of Trustees

Dr. Lynette Mushambadope : Chairperson

Dr. Mushambadope is the current Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of AfriFuture Research and Development Trust. She is a medical practitioner by training with a keen interest in social justice, universal health access, social protection for the vulnerable and sustainable development. During her tenure as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees she has a vision of guiding the Trust to create opportunities for young people, provide support to marginalised communities and fore the Trust to be a leading institution in research and development in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

Mrs Anne Chawanda : Secretary

Mrs Anne Chawanda is the current Secretary of the AfriFuture and Development Trust. She is an educator with over 16 years’ experience, and has taught in both South Africa and Zimbabwe. Her interests lie in environmental issues, human societies around the world and their environment, sustainable development as well as teaching. Anne holds an MSc in Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Ms Tendai Sande : Committee Member

Ms. Tendai Sande is a Committee Member of the Board of Trustees. She is an entrepreneur who is into events management, retail and culinary arts. She has an interest in charity work and early childhood development and volunteers in different charity events that are aimed at uplifting and supporting children, the disabled and aged in local communities and care institutions. She is an active member of the Catholic Church and participates in different societal, welfare and community engagement activities. In the Board of Trustees, she believes that she brings extensive practical experience in grassroots community mobilisation and engagement and perspectives from ordinary community members. She is optimistic that during her tenure she will contribute to the Trust achieving its aims and objectives.