AfriFuture Research and Development Trust is an independent research and development institute which is registered as a Trust and is headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe. Through critical cutting-edge research, human capacity development and undertaking local grassroots development initiatives, the Trust endeavours to uplift the poor and marginalised communities in the global south. It provides a platform that promotes informed and rigorous debate on developmental trajectories and promotes discourses that positively transform lives.


We endeavour to produce high standard, relevant and practical research which will advance human centred development. To play a leading role in improving communities in Africa and the global south through capacity development and mentoring of key actors, undertaking cutting-edge social research, policy analysis, trainings as well as implementing transformative and sustainable development initiatives.


AfriFuture is motivated by a set of core values which all its team members endorse. We are:
  • Mission-driven
  • People-centred
  • Results Oriented
  • Transparent and Accountable
  • Professional
  • Gender, Age and Disability sensitive


  • To conduct research that characterises the socio-economic and political situation of African communities and other countries in the global south.
  • To provide education, training and mentorship to young and emerging academics, policy makers, activists and other key actors who are committed to transforming societies in a progressive manner.
  • To create platforms for networking, publication and dissemination of critical, cutting-edge research that advances the rights and interests of people in the global south.
  • To promote informed and rigorous debate and discourses on Africa’s socio-economic and political futures.
  • To initiate and actively participate in grassroots development initiatives.

Contact Us…

Email : admin@afrifuture.org